Adventure Time, LEGO And Linux Combine Into The Perfect PC Life Form

Adventure Time, LEGO and Linux Combine Into The Perfect PC Life Form

Harnessing the power of the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi microcomputer, the versatility of LEGO bricks and incredibly good taste in television animation, Michael Thomas has created an amazing tribute to Adventure Time's unsung hero, Beemo. Who wants to play video games?

With a tiny computer and a tiny screen, Beemo or BMO springs to life, fully-capable of playing the games, surfing the webs, checking all the emails, and loving you unconditionally.

The outer casing is LEGO, and the guts taste like raspberry (probably not).

Here's what's inside:

  • Raspberry Pi (Model B)
  • 4Gb SD card with Raspbian Linux OS
  • 2.5 " TFT display
  • Low-profile microSD card
  • Micro-USB cable for power
  • Mediasonic USB Battery Pack (This sits outside of the BMO)
  • A female USB connector and some wires (For the USB port on the front of the BMO).
  • Love

That last one was just a guess. OK, no it wasn't.

LEGO Adventure Time BMO powered by Raspberry Pi [Flickr]


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