After Six Generations Of Pokémon Games, Snorlax Finally Stands Up


    I have a friend who looks like Snorlax, the same posture and facial expressions exactly. He's not obese, just big boned :P

      "...And today, Poke-scientists announced findings that one in every three Pokemon is considered overweight, or obese. Initial studies are blaming a diet high in fatty pellets, and recommend that all trainers feed their Pokemon a diet rich in antioxidants, such as those find in Berries. For an expert opinion, here's renowned Pokemon culinary expert, Brock..."

        What a full-bodied and flavorsome report! I have a feeling that your masterchef ideas concerning culinary weight loss are like an icecream in a desert - very hard to taste!

        Man I hate how that guy talks. I guess that's what I deserve for watching a kids show...

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