An RPG Where You're A Random NPC

Sometimes, you're the hero. And sometimes, you're the innkeeper who watches the hero come in and pillage your cabinets without even saying hello.

This is You Are Not The Hero, an RPG Maker game whose creators have taken to Kickstarter to raise $US12,000 for development. The idea: you're an NPC. Heroes come around, screw around, take your stuff. You go after them, becoming your own sort of hero along the way.

"This game has been in the making years before development started," writes creator Donn Manalili. "It began when I looted 10gil from a random house in Final Fantasy IX, playing as Vivi. I wanted to return it after finding out it was their grandmothers life savings, unfortunately, there was no way to do this, no 'come clean' mechanic in place. I imagined what life would have been like afterwards, how the grandmother could no longer pay her mortgage, how they were evicted, begging in the streets."

The RPG Maker style certainly isn't for everyone, but the concept is interesting. I'm psyched to see what Manalili does with this.

You Are Not The Hero [Kickstarter]


    Looks like your average walk everywhere and loot everything RPG to me...

    They could make this game as a hobby. Shit like this is why my brain switches off whenever the name Kickstarter appears.

      Yeah, I can't... really get behind someone living out their dream of game-design using RPG Maker. RPG Maker is to game design, what fan-fic is to writing.

        everybody's gotta start somewhere man....granted, usually they don't ask for kick-starter funding for it....

      Bingo. With RPG Maker it wouldn't take very long either. Certainly not 12k. Resources for that thing are everywhere.

      Art, sound, music and scripting assets cost real money.. the initial purchase of the RPG Maker Ace tool is less than $100 but just like any game development, if you want to take it beyond the most basic stuff you need to pump real money into the assets.

      I generally glaze over and ignore most of the RPG Maker Kickstarters because they are just using the generic, built-in "RTP" packages. This one on other hand needs money for the custom assets and full-time development.

      I'm assuming that those of you making these comments haven't actually created a game longer than a couple of hours in RPG Maker (or at all). I have created part of a game with this tool that would take around an hour or two to complete (as in play through) and if done right.. in a way that sets it apart from the generic RPG, it takes weeks just to get it to that stage.. Now add another 28 hours of content and you could see that it would take at least 6 months of full-time work, up to 18 months to really do a proper game.

      People need to remember that Unity is really no different to RPG Maker, it's another tool but you need to put in the hours.. pay for the assets and so on.

      Yes.. for a standard, generic JRPG with default assets, there is no justification for requiring additional funding. However, for a full customised 25 to 30 hour game, it's another thing altogether.

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        I'm not doubting any of your points, but it's still $12,000 for a hobby project. I honestly don't see it being any different than someone begging on the street to fund their love of making model aeroplanes.

    If they had already spent time making the game why don't they continue it as a hobby and release on steam.

    There is already a game like that and is a decent RPG.

    White knight chronicles

    How can you be a NPC if your playing as the NPC.

    I'm struggling to work out what part of that is you not being the hero in an epic RPG... I was expecting something more like Recettear and am kind of disappointed that they aren't making an effort to do something that stands out from the crowd of generic RPGs on Kickstarter, all promising something new and different but really just adding a superficial change to an already established core.

      Well I guess the primary motivation is that you're not trying to save the world or topple a corrupt government, but just trying to get back the stuff that the 'heroes' stole from you.

      The expanded NPC stuff sounds interesting one paper, like fishing and eventually getting someone else to do that and sell it for you but I do get the impression that the execution will be less than stellar.

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