Apple Exec Accidentally Calls Batman 'The Black Knight'

Today at Apple's big presser, marketing VP Phil Schiller accidentally called Batman the Black Knight. What he meant, of course, was the Dark Knight.

Unless he was referring to Martin Lawrence.

Apple Exec Accidentally Calls Batman 'The Black Knight'


    I wonder how long it's going to be before these articles devolve to the point of 'Today somewhere a person said something' accompanied by a picture of a piece of toast.
    How could you not be a fan?

    Immediate reaction: Batman fan my arse...

    On second thought, he kinda looked really nervous. Even for people that are used to speaking in front of large crowds it is always nerve-wrecking. He probably meant the Dark Knight but just had a momentary lapse. Uploading the error to a website like Kotaku is kind of cruel... why?

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