Arise, $US800 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

Arise, $US800 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

I know you all had your heart set on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but stop and think a moment. Is that new console purchase going to keep you from spending nearly $US800 on a 17-inch, non-transforming metal Optimus Prime with remote control lights and sounds?

This is Ultimetal Optimus Prime, a majestic collaboration between Takara Tomy and Action Toys.

Arise, $US800 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

He may not transform, but he does get naked, armour opening up to expose gears and pistons that are sure to please the creepy people I used to roleplay Transformers with back during the MUSH days. His fingers are articulated. His elbows are double articulated.

And he's got a lot of metal in him, hence the name.

Arise, $US800 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

You'll have his gun. You'll have his axe. Together you and he will simply walk right into Mordor.

Arise, $US800 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

What's that? Is your hour all dark and stuff? Bam.

Arise, $US800 Ultimetal Optimus Prime

Lighted, like a boss.

Ultimetal Optimus Prime will come with his gun, his axe, his sexy, his Matrix of Leadership and a stand, as long as you're prepared to give Artstorm 78,000 yen. That's $US800. There's a $US25 shipping fee as well, but I doubt anyone who scrapes together $US800 for this will have an issue forking over a little more to actually receive it.

Ultimetal Optimus Prime isn't due out until sometime next year, so you've got time to pick up one or both new consoles and then sell them on eBay, reinvesting the money in something more worthwhile, like a metal robot toy.

ULTIMETAL UM-01 OPTIMUS PRIME [Artstorm via Tomopop]


    I'd like a masterpiece Galvatron to go next to my masterpiece Rodimus instead of another, though very cool Optimus.


    No deal.

      Was about to post the same thing.

        It's a deal breaker, to be sure.

        That said, it is nice looking. Just not worth buying IMO.

      people buy statues all the time.
      if i had $800 i would buy this.

        Except this isn't a statue. This is a toy. A cool looking toy, granted, but still a toy.

    Oh god I want it. We dont need both lungs do we?????

    I think this is the first time I've ever seen the word "lighted" before. Well now I know.

    I'm nerdy enough to purchase this. It would look great next to my Masterpiece Optimus.

    The MP-10 Optimus Prime looks within a hair as good as that (but without those removable panels), costs a fraction of the price, and can also Transform.

    Wait $800 transformer that doesn't transform? Where do I sign up

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