Arkham Origins Video: Inside Bruce Wayne’s Batcave

Arkham Origins Video: Inside Bruce Wayne’s Batcave

It’s the second year of Batman’s career. He an Alfred haven’t quite yet evolved into a team. Young Bruce deals with situations more aggressively than he probably needs to. But holy crap does he still have a sweet batcave. It looks quite central to the game. Ben Mattes, Senior Producer on Batman: Arkham Origins gives us the tour, and rolls out the open world map – more than twice the size of Arkham City.

* Potential spoiler alert: Some minor plot points discussed towards the end of the video as Ben takes us through the map system. This was one of my favourite demos during in today’s Nvidia event in Montreal.


  • Pretty sweet. Twice the size of Arkham City, though? That’s crazy.
    I wonder if they’ll explain the discrepancy between Arkham City and Origin’s (assumed) different takes on the city.

    • I don’t remember Arkham City being that big – pretty tiny compared to a lot of open world games actually (or maybe the ability to get around so easily just made it seem small).

      • If you include under the city, that huge tower you climb, the sort of interview place with Hugo strange, and jokers lair, it averages out. The main world isn’t big, but the layers in it make it bigger

      • the world would’ve seemed pretty big because if i remember correctly, alot of the quests were very close to each other (unless, well, the map was indeed small), thus making you think that the map was small because in periods of time you would’ve had to do quests.

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