Arnold Schwarzenegger Re-Records His Most Famous Lines For Fans

Yesterday in a Reddit AMA, Col. Matrix took requests to repeat his most iconic lines of the past three decades. Among them: Predator (above), Conan the Barbarian (but not the prayer to Crom) Kindergarten Cop and, of course, The Terminator. How in the hell did nothing from Commando make it?

Here are all the videos. If he didn't say your favourite line, which one were you hoping for? Post a YouTube link in your comment.


    Seriously no Running Man? Cmon

      this whole part is gold:


      The "you cold blooded bastard, I'll tell you what I think of it" meltdown is the greatest Arnold moment ever

    His look here is seriously reminding me of Walter White.

    ...I would totally love to see that version of Breaking Bad.

      Yeah, I had that thought too! Especially because I thought that was an RV in the first few haha.
      Haha, "I'm not in danger Skyler..." Arny style would be bloody awesome!

    This article needs to be stuck at the top of the main page for at least a week.

    I can't believe how his voice and tone hasn't changed a single bit since those lines were originally recorded. Amazing. Best actor ever.


      or this... also good:

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    Run!!!... GO!!! GET TO THE CHOPPER...!!!

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