Attack On Titan In Minecraft Even Has A Colossal Titan

I admit I didn't see it coming, although after the terrific stuff people did with King's Landing, this one's also an obvious choice: One of the towns from the popular anime Attack on Titan got a stunning Minecraft recreation by etheralcat and his friends, with a memorable moment included.

The colossal titan is about to attack the town of Shiganshina, similarly as in the series, and I might going to say that the town even looks a bit better than the rendered one in the anime. It's so colourful and detailed.

【Minecraft】【ワールド配布】 シガンシナ区再現プロジェクト 第三集前編 / "Shiganshina" Recreation Project [etheralcat2, YouTube]


    Very nice, although the colossal titans either too big or the towns too small. Maybe they could rebuild the town to match.

    I wonder if they built 'that thing' into Eren's cellar...

    These type of builds stopped being impressive when I realised just how much of it is done with a map-from-image generator, and copy and paste in worldedit.

    I honestly don't care because I you can't play it as Attack on Titans despite its look which ruins it for me.

    I am a huge Attack on Titan fan and I think this is awesome!

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