Bathe In The Blue Flames Of Mega Charizard X

We knew classic Pokemon Charizard would be getting a Mega evolution in Pokemon X & Y. We didn't know it was getting two, one of which changes the creatures iconic colours completely.

Mega Charizard X, making its big debut on October 12 in the two new Pokemon titles, evolves temporarily via careful application of Charizardite X, only available in Pokemon X. Where Mega Charizard Y's evolution greatly increases its SP attack, X gets a straight-up attack boost. Y's ability becomes Drought and it learns the powerful Blast Burn skill. X's ability is Tough Claws and its skill is Dragon Tail, hitting enemies so hard they switch out in battle.

The biggest difference, however, is that colouring. It's like they flipped him in Photoshop.

Bathe In The Blue Flames Of Mega Charizard X

He's so blue.


    I want to see the version differences for mega Blastoise now XD

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    The X Mega looks badass. I want to see X Venusaur :D

    On another note... Wow, a Pokemon article NOT written by Patricia.

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    Should mention X is dragon/fire while Y is flying/fire

    Also worth noting that MegaCharizard X is fairly similar to the shiny versio of regular charizard, just with blue instead of red.

    Should be interesting to see the Shiny version of MCharizard X

    Hey, this brings to mind a thought. Anyone know if mega evolutions get shiny forms? And if so what the hell are they gonna do for Mega Charizard X?

    Looks like WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon to me...

    So wait, what colour is shiny mega-charizard X then? Orange?

    Nice of the article to bother mentioning the change in type too, Charizard is finally Fire/Dragon.

    Also for anyone interested, going off info from leaked game atm it looks like Blastoise and Venasaur still only have the one Mega - Charizard X was worked out pretty quick because it's mega stone was called Charizardite X (or Y). Squirtile and Bulbasaur apparently just come with Blastoisite/Venasurite (no X/Y).

    Oh son of a bitch.. I only preordered Y.. I'm hoping the item can be traded over because that form looks freakin' badass!

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