Bathurst's Mount Panorama Confirmed For Gran Turismo 6

We knew it was coming. Ever since we heard about those sneaky Gran Turismo 6 developers skulking around Mount Panorama with giant cameras we knew. But now it has been confirmed: Bathurst's legendary Mount Panorama circuit will be featured in Gran Turismo 6.

"We are very pleased to be able to include Bathurst in our expanded selection of race tracks available in Gran Turismo 6,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of Gran Turismo. “Since its inception 15 years ago, Gran Turismo has listened to fan feedback and added extra features so that we now offer 1200 cars and 33 circuits from all across the world. It seems only right that the legendary Mount Panorama circuit is included as fans will now have a chance to drive one of the toughest tracks out there. Described by some as Australia’s very own Nürburgring, this is a formidable track that will provide an exciting new challenge for PlayStation gamers."

Fans have been clamouring for the inclusion of Bathurst in one of the major racing franchises for a long, long time now. Microsoft also confirmed a month back that Bathurst would be featuring in the new Forza, now it's also going to feature in Gran Turismo. You spend all that time waiting and two come along at once! Typical.

Gran Turismo 6 is set for release December 6 this year on PlayStation 3.


    Now my collectors edition is justified.

    All excited and stuff BATHURST!!!! But if you cant drive around in each and every car that has raced in bathurst, or at least Brockies 05 commodores, then its a real letdown.

      They will no doubt release all the cars as DLC to get more money out of us.

        Fair go... there are 1200 cars in there already!

        Sure, 1100 of them are Skylines, but still... :P

        Last edited 03/10/13 11:50 am

          OK, maybe that was a bit harsh, but are there even any V8 Supercars in GT 6?

          From memory in Forza 3 I think they gave us 8 V8 Supercars, 4 from Ford, 4 from Holden. Forza 4 I think only had 2.

          What's the point of having Bathurst in the game without being able to use the cars that actually race on the track. That would be like having the Daytona track, but no NASCARS.

            You can. The R32 GTR. Finest car that ever tracked the mountain IMHO.

      Even worse is they won't have full aussie v8 supercar license like Forza 5 does I remember when GT was the definitive racing sim.. Back on like ps1 / ps2 what the hell happened
      forza Is lifetimes better!!!!

    Great to see that both of the top console racers are now including it.

    But I guess we know what's coming then, everyone get prepared for a barrage of YouTube videos later this year comparing the 2....... lol

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      except forza5 is next gen, gt6 isnt

        That's kind of my point though; we know there is no point comparing them, but plenty of videos will still come.

    Forza is so much better than Gran Turismo.

    I tried getting back into GT 5 a few months ago and all I could think while I was playing was "this is absolute balls compared to Forza".

    I really don't want to get an Xbone, but unless Polyphony have seriously lifted their game with GT 6, I might have to.

      Download GT Academy 2013 from PSN, its more or less a demo for GT6, they have improved the physics model ALOT, its not Forza but its immensely better than GT5.

    This has been a long time rumour on GTPlanet. What I'm more interested in at the moment is what the second Australian track will be. I would really like it to be Eastern Creek with the recent track expansion but I fear that it will be one of the F1 circuits (Gold Coast or Melbourne).

    iRacing's version will be the best of the lot.

    Not to say this isn't impressive, cause it bloody well is, but the GT series for me fell way off since GT4. Shit looks absolutely stunning but horrible vacuum cleaner engine noises and crappy physics was too much to bear, which is why i turned to the glory that is Forza. I'm far more keen for Turn 10's rendition of this glorious circuit. Also V8 Supercars, nuff said.

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