Batman: Arkham Origins Delayed For Wii U In Australia

We've just received word that Batman: Arkham Origins has been delayed in Australia. The game was set for release this week, but will now hit stores November 6.

Locally Warner Brothers confirmed the delay, but wouldn't be drawn on the specific reasons for the delay. It appears that the delay is European-wide, however, so it's not a uniquely Australian issue. On all other formats the game will be shipped and released on schedule.

In addition the new Batman game for handhelds, Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate has received a similar delay on the 3DS. The PS Vita version will still hit stores tomorrow as planned.


    As long as it is not delayed for the 360 I am a happy camper. I don't camp, figure of speech :)

    Arkham City was also delayed when the WiiU came out, whats up with it again ?

    Oh man yes. As a Wii U owner I love it when the only console I own has delayed titles, makes my day.

      You only bought one console and it was a Wii U?

        I use my PC for everything else, I could get Batman Origins on PC but I want something to keep me playing my Wii U

    Getting it on PC anyways.

    I'll be getting Blackgate on 3DS though, but will be waiting for reviews before I preorder because I'm a little iffy on the gameplay just by watching videos, so the delay might be handy in this case.

    Ebgames has been saying the definitive edition will be delayed as well

    Edit: just got a text confirming it too.

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      Just rang my local eb they have 3 definitive editons out back

        Weird. Maybe they are just preparing for possible delays with shipments, so nobody gets there on the day and finds they don't have a copy

          Yeah the said they didn't get enough for everyone they put my name on one but the others are for first people to come in with it ordered

    The PS Vita version will still hit stores tomorrow as planned.

    I thought all versions (except Wii U and 3DS obviously) were due out on the 25th. Tomorrow is the 24th. But if they wanted to release it a day early, I wouldn't complain.

    Really looking forward to this game, I'm buying it as a birthday present to myself (I do it every year).

    Can't help but feel bad for all the Nintendo owners out there though.

    Last edited 23/10/13 11:13 am

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