Battlefield 4's Story Trailer Punches A Dog Right In The Face

Man, remember the Battlefield 3 single-play story, with the train and the... that rat? There was definitely a rat. And a building collapsed. That's all I got. Battlefield 4 looks much more memorable. I certainly won't forget the guy straddling and punching a dog at 1:36 in this trailer.

Maybe it's a dig at everyone's favourite hound from the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts. Maybe it's payback after a game spent being pursued by vicious attack dogs. Maybe it's a metaphor. Whatever the case, the scene is definitely going to stick in my head, long after all the things blowing up and crumbling apart fade.


    I REALLY hope that was a shot at Call of Duty dog :D

      I really hope he is taking his time wrestling with a C4 dog.

      Whether it is or isn't, I'm just going to assume it is and rep Battlefield for it. I wasn't really thinking of buying BF this time around.

      Probably will now, just because of this.

    Wait, Battlefield 3 had a story mode???

      Oh, don't worry about not remembering it. Even the people who played it forgot what happened in it.

      I regret playing through it, the ludicrous amount of quick time events ruined the whole campaign for me, I don't know if I'm game enough to try another BF single player campaign, but I'll give it one last shot.

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        It killed single player BF for me. Not only was the gameplay uninteresting but the actual story was just a jumbled pile of mess. I think it's the only game I actually regret playing through (Still had fun in multi though)

      It's really good if you read the novel first!

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    I'm gonna be the annoying cynical git and say that they're just desperately trying to copy Call of Duty again (under orders from EA to make all franchises CoD) and have dogs attacking you.

    Remember guys, dogs existed before Ghosts. They were a quicktime event in CoD 4.

      Yep indeed plus they've been in many other games. But SHHHHH YOU'RE RUINING THE MARKETING!

      Oh plus remember when Commandos 2 I think it was, HAD A PLAYABLE DOG?

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        Nah, ruining the marketing would probably be proving that those guys in those "Only in Battlefield" ads are just paid to say all those "stories" while talking like a CoD player.

      Pft, they're just copying Rush from Megaman. Dogs have been done ages ago people.

        Sheppards from Wolfenstein 3D.

          Clearly it is a rip off of duck hunt, that had a dog in it and a gun.

    I might get it if it has these 2 things;

    1. Singleplayer story is at least 10 hrs in length on a normal play through
    2. it has botmatch just like 1942, Vietnam, 2142 and BF2.

      So many hours lost to 1942, desert comba and vietnam not matches. Loved that stuff!

    I haven't really played many of the Battlefield games, but are the stories connected in each game? like COD Modern Warfare 1, 2 & 3 is?

      I think Battlefield Bad Company 2 followed on from Bad Company (same characters, at least?), but apart from that I'm not aware of any link between the Bad Company games and the single player of BF3, nor any link from BF3 to BF4. Of course, BF3's story was so shithouse that I wouldn't remember or recognize any of the characters even if they did turn up in BF4 :P None of the other BF games even had a single player campaign as far as I'm aware?

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    If i remember correctly the punching of the dog is nothing new - this was in the first game-play demo "Fishiing in Baku". The only thing different is the POV.

    Go back to making a Bad Company game, at least they're memorable.

      I don't mind them having single player components in Battlefield games (Single Player is the reason I buy both Battlefield and Call of Duty), but I wish they'd let the guys that did the Bad Company games make the campaigns... and let the multiplayer be the stuff we're getting now.

      Best of both worlds... so long as the campaign is funny again.

    Hmmm I might actually give the BF4 campaign a go, if I can drag myself away from the multiplayer.

    There were dogs in Wolfenstien, you could stab them.

    This video isn't about dog mechanics, why the hell is everyone so canine focused?
    yeh i get it lol, punch CoD dog in the face.

    Anyway, yeah, looks fine, im in it for multiplayer.
    WILL THERE BE DAWGS IN MP>?!!>!>!>!!??

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