Beyond: Two Souls Is (Slightly) Censored For Europe

Beyond: Two Souls Is (Slightly) Censored For Europe

The European version of upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls is going to be a little bit different from the US edition, after slight cuts had to be made to get it under an adults-only rating.

First spotted by SCEUNCUT, the changes aren't much; Sony has since confirmed that only "three minor aesthetic changes" have been made, which "are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay or the overall story". The three cuts apparently only affect "10-15 seconds of gameplay".

Small changes, then, and ones you'll be able to rectify by visiting YouTube. Or, better, yet, importing.

Beyond: Two Souls (October 2013) — CENSORED IN THE EU [SCEUNCUT]


    "Small changes, then, and ones you’ll be able to rectify by visiting YouTube. Or, better, yet, importing."

    Isn't the USA version also censored though but for different reasons? I've been hearing around the net that there won't be an "uncensored" version of the game anywhere. Apparently it's because Sony refuses to do country-specific releases for Germany, so every Euro (and by extension AUS and NZ) copy of the game will be censored for violence, while the USA one is censored for explicit/erotic sexual content. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems to be the story at the moment.

      Pretty much.

      But US players can watch the sex scenes from the EU versions, and the opposite applies too.

      Also of interest - this is purely for marketing purposes. PEGI 16 games can be advertised on TV, etc, in a much greater scope than PEGI 18 can. Bigger potential sales boost by cutting 10 seconds of nudity.

    If it doesn't change the game/story, why is it there to begin with?

      FOR EMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Oooohhhhhhh. Eeeemoooooootiiioooonnnnnnn!

    In a game whose main raison d'etre is to be a cinematic, interactive story, aren't cosmetics kind of the point?

    censorship is a failure of the game designer

      No its not. it's a failure of the publisher and the countries with Shitty guidelines/regulations.

    looks like I wont be buying this game at all, I refuse to buy anything censored. and from what im reading in the comments its censored everywhere.

      that's just silly. everything has some kind of censorship, be it self inflicted or by external forces. i guarantee that you buy censored stuff all of the time, your embargo has been broken. sorry.

    I'm pretty sure most games are censored.

    Meeting "We should put this in the game"
    Others "Yeah, probably not"


    So wait, which copy will have the most amount of violence and boobs?

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