Beyond: Two Souls Works Well As A 4.5-Hour Ellen Page Movie

The Ellen Page-starring movie/game hybrid Beyond: Two Souls was often as much fun to watch as it was to play. Now, thanks to Gamebillstudio, you can go ahead and watch the whole thing, even if you don’t own a PS3.

They’ve distilled the essence of the game’s story into a two-part, 4.5-hour movie. The first part is above, and you can watch part two here:

They’ve also made a version that places the events of the game in chronological order, if you’d like to have a better sense of Jodie’s life than even she does.

Part one:

And part two:

I’d maintain that on the whole, Beyond is still better played than just watched, not so much for the overblown, silly story but to experience the small, mundane interactive bits that can be so interesting and enjoyable. But if you don’t want to take the time and are curious about the story, this is a pretty good alternative.


    • Overblown and silly aren’t the problem, in fact an increase in the sillyness would bring the story out of its high school english class and propel it to stratospheres yet-unknown to David Cage; like ignorant first-year uni student quality. Terribly simple, tired and stereotypical depictions of whatever David Cage thinks a human is, is the problem. His ignorant handling of real-world issues like child soldiers is just incredible.

      • The issues depicted in the game aren’t meant to be direct real world analogues though. He’s not making essays on the human condition. They’re mostly there to shape the emotional undertone of the narrative, or as a parable device to convey a specific message.

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