Blizzard Thinking Of Charging $30 For Diablo III Expansion

Blizzard Thinking Of Charging $US30 For Diablo III Expansion

A survey sent out to Diablo III players, as seen by Polygon, talks about pricing for the game's upcoming expansion, Reaper of Souls. And how it's not going to be cheap.

"Consider two versions of the expansion: a Standard Edition for $US29.99 and a Collector's Edition for $US49.99", the survey says. "The Standard Edition includes the Reaper of Souls expansion; the Collector's Edition includes the expansion, exclusive in-game content, and other bonus items."

That's a lot of money for what's being offered on paper, even for the regular edition. Yes, it adds a new character class and a fifth story act, new items and a level cap increase. And yes, StarCraft II charged a lot of money for its expansions as well.

But you know what? People loved StarCraft II, and felt entire new campaigns - along with the rebalancing and new units - was worth it. I'm not sure they'll feel the same way about Diablo III's seemingly less substantial extra act, particularly given the way a lot of players have turned on the game in the months since its release.

Guess we'll have to see just how much bang you actually get for your buck when the expansion's released next year.

Blizzard surveys Diablo 3 gamers on expansion pricing, collector's edition [Polygon]


    What's wrong with $30? Surely people weren't expecting $10 or $20, Blizzard puts a lot of money into their games.

      Exactly. The author has super unrealistic expectations as to what goes into a game and how much it should be. Diablo:LoD was $60 when it was released and it was very short. The next expansion is going to add significant content to D3. I was expecting to see it for $50(probs will at EB) but $30 is a bargain.

        I think it's more that Kotaku encourages its writers to use sensationalism whilst presenting any information. Except maybe Serrels.

      Nothings wrong with this price. Lord of Destruction was 50-60 when it was released, there's ZERO wrong with this price point at all. Blizzard at least makes their expansions worth the money.

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      I can't tell if we're talking $30 US or AU. If its US I'm guessing that'll mean $60-70AU which, for one extra act, does sound kinda expensive. Hopefully it'll be a long act.

    SCII was a big dissapointment. After the radness of SC1, getting the human campaign only felt like paying for 1/3 of the game.
    And Diablo III was meh anyway.
    The Golden age of Blizz is long gone.

      Replied to the wrong comment... removing ;)

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    Sounds reasonable to me. Especially considering how cheap DIII launched at (in Australia atleast).

    If they add an offline mode (when they remove the auction houses or perhaps with the new expansion) I'm in. until then any price is too expensive for me.

    'If' that did happen though I'd happily pay way more then $30. Have loved just about all of Blizzard's games in the past but server-lag and rubber-banding in Diablo just ruins it for me.

      You know, have to admit I've had zero rubber banding issues since around the fourth month of release or so? Reinstalled it three months or so ago and yeah, no problemos?

        I just prefer to play the true D3, Marvel Heroes. Since the latest update (1.03), its more and more like D2 everyday. Brevik knows his shit.

    Considering XCOM Enemy Within is $50, $30 sounds fair to me.

      Enemy Within will be a standalone expansion and include all the content of XCOM Enemy Unknown, however.

    $30 is very reasonable, especially considering the amount of time Blizzard spent supporting their games long after the game's release. Not to mention Loot 2.0 and many other improvements on Vanilla D3 is state to be release for free.

    Consider that to what other games I can buy for $30, it's quite a steal actually. D3 without Offline mode is probably the only reason why we can get the expansion for this amount. Offline mode will probably push the price up to $40-$50. There's still barely any ARPGs release that is anywhere near D3's level of production quality. I can only really think of Path of Exile...which doesn't come with offline mode.

    And yes, StarCraft II charged a lot of money for its expansions as well.

    But the Starcraft 2 expac was still a good 20 hours worth of content.

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