Blizzard Wants You To Design A Legendary Item For Diablo III

RPGs bring out all sorts. Some like clicking things. Others love the narrative. And then... then you have the munchkins. The min/maxers. They're passionate about numbers. I'm one of these people, so I should know, and they're precisely the sort of player that gets a kick out of designing their own items, even if it's only theoretical. Blizzard, however, is giving Diablo III players the opportunity to do it for real.

Late last week, Blizzard announced its "Design a Legendary" project for Diablo III, the end goal of which is to design and implement a player-created Legendary item into the game's upcoming expansion pack, Reaper of Souls. The idea was apparently "inspired by the many passionate discussions we've seen about itemization", though I imagine "passionate" is a kind word to use to describe the type of interaction that occurs on a forum about a game like Diablo III.

Taking a page from Kickstarter, Blizzard plans to have the developers involved provide updates as the item is designed — a "unique behind-the-scenes" of the creation process.

As to what form player involvement will take in this process? Here's what you can expect:

Leading up to release of Reaper of Souls, you'll have the opportunity to not only weigh in, but actually help guide development on a Legendary item that will be implemented and playable. We'll be holding global community votes, hosting podcasts, soliciting ideas, and even running a contest or two to ensure that this is truly a worldwide, player-driven initiative.

What can you do right now? Nothing, unfortunately. The "first stage" will start next week, so you have plenty of time to come up with the most broken balanced item imaginable.

Introducing: Design a Legendary [Diablo III]


    Path of Exile > All of this

      Enh. Path of Exile is pretty niche. Torchlight does most of the same things but better. PoE turns into a jogging simulator if you play it like your typical ARPG unless you feel like leaving gear on the ground everywhere and only picking up a few pieces. Serious OCD trigger there.

    Can I design an item that let's you play offline? That's the only one I want

    I'll be terribly disappointed if a full third of the entries aren't genitalia-related.

    create an item that never drops. sweeeet

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