Both Batman Games Are 75% Off On Steam

Both Batman Games Are 75% Off On Steam

There’s always some sort of sale on Steam, so we try not to post each and every time something is discounted, but when it’s 75% off both Batman Arkham games? Come on son! You know we have to be on high alert for that!

So the weekend deal over the coming days is this: both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City cost $5 and $7.50. Yes, you can get what was arguably the game of 2011 for $7.50 and if you haven’t played it I would heartily recommend it. Actually I’m a big fan of both. Arkham Asylum is about as close as you can get to a Batman experience and it sort of reminds me of Metroid Prime, which is pretty much my favourite game ever made, so that’s high praise.

No doubt this sale is timed in preparation for the release of Batman: Arkham Origins, which comes out next week. Lost in the hustle and bustle of GTA V, Pokemon and next gen consoles I can’t help but feel as though folks are sleeping on the new Batman game. Every single showing I’ve seen of Batman: Arkham Origins has been stellar and if you’re looking for a reminder of just how good this series is, look no further than this sale.

Get on it!


  • Speak for yourself, Mark. My wife knows she will become a widow next weekend.
    She’s prepared for it. I’ve set her up with CiV to keep her occupied.
    While I become the goddamn Batman.

  • the reason for the sale is not just for the next batman game, but because today, G4WL was offically removed from both games

  • I’m pretty pumped. I preordered my copy from greenmangaming months ago for something like $50.

  • It could also be that the steam versions of these games have just had GFWL stripped from them due to it closing.

    The good news is I can finally install them! I was gifted them ages ago but never installed them due to GFWL.

  • How good are these games for someone who isn’t a fan of Batman to begin with? Gameplay good enough to go on alone, or is it being held up by the name BATMAN?

    • Gameplay is good but a bit repetitive. Why do you want to play if your not a fan? It’s a Batman simulator. If your not a fan don’t play it.

      • Naw… I’m no Batman fan but I found Asylum solid and City a bit messy… I mean it was like the Riddler just exploded everywhere in city!

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