Boy Does The Attack On Titan Game Look Like A Blast

Sure, the characters on Attack on Titan use their 'manoeuvre gear' to get around because GIANT HUMANOID MONSTERS WANT TO EAT THEM, but you can't say that mode of transportation doesn't look like a ton of fun anyway. And in this regard, the 3DS version of Attack on Titan seems to indulge.

Look at how you can swing around the environment! Effin' A.

Of course, we already knew the game looks good in motion, based on what we last saw of it — this trailer showcases more extended fight and manoeuvre gear scenes, and also shows us some of the customisation options in multiplayer mode...not that I think any of us can make a character that's cooler than Mikasa, but hey. We can try!

(Via Siliconera)


    Oh man, an Attack on Titan game, with Spider-Man 2 (the ps2 era one) like gameplay would be the bomb.

    It's unfortunate that this will most likely never get a western release and in the off chance it does it will probably be long after the anime is picked up by a western company for television and bluray distribution.

    Looks like a lot of fun though.

    "Create an original character and have it die like most of the cast of the show!"

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