Cafe Girl With Fake Superpowers Freaks People Out

Have you ever had someone spill a drink on your laptop? It happened to me once, and I got pretty angry. If only I'd had telekinetic powers...

This whole thing might just be a big promotional stunt for the new Carrie movie, but it's still pretty fun to watch.

(Via Matt Zoller Seitz, who makes the fair point that one of these days, a stunt like this is going to cause an actual heart attack...)


    I saw this yesterday, it is AWESOME marketing. I will go see this remake now.

    My wife does similar things whenever I don't pack the dishwasher correctly or fold the washing slightly differently........particularly every 28 days or so???

    This is stupid. Do the people who made this even know the moral of story for Carrie? Don't pull pranks on people because they might have supernatural powers that can kill you.

      I've never thought of that. That is an AWESOME moral!

      Really words to live by. You just never know. So don't be mean.

    No Macbook Pros were harmed in the making of this stunt

      well.....exept the one that got coffee spilt on it.

        meh, it looks like a 2005 model.. so its ok. it needed to be updated anyways

          so really the guy was doing the girl a favor and she lost her shit over just cant help some people.

    Lol, i love these types of pranks

      I would have been SO disappointed to have been there to have found out that it wasn't real. I would have been the one guy in the crowd with a smile on my face yelling "YES! Let the age of super heroes commence!!!"

        Lol, so would I.....but i would also also settle for a post apocalyptic mad max future..... :D

    They're making a new Carrie movie? Hollywood, when will you stop!?

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