Can You Smell That, Android Gamers?

The earthy mingling of vegetation and death? That means Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is coming. Popcap has announced a "soft launch" of the timed iOS exclusive in New Zeland and Australia, indicating the worldwide launch of the acclaimed free-to-play sequel on Android platforms is due "shortly".


    and the reports that eventually you're basically forced into buying micro-transactions to progress?

      I played it for a few hours yesterday and you're never forced to spend money but apart from the 'story' levels in each of the 3 areas the rest of the levels are behind gates that take micro-transactions or keys (which you have to grind for) to open.
      Definitely not pay-to-win but could very easily become pay-to-play/do anything!

    Seems to be up:

    can I just say, PvZ2 is fantastic. Really really enjoyable.

    That "smell" Android gamers is the rotting and violated corps of a once great franchise. The disappointment still keeps me up at night. :.(

    And will we ever se it on WP? Probably but just another 6 months down the track.

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