Candy Box, The Best Game To Sneakily Play At Work, Gets A Sequel

Sure, I love playing Cookie Clicker at work, but that love began with Candy Box. It starts so simply, just a handful of candies and two buttons, then turns into a genuine RPG. The sequel more than lives up to the original, and you need to check it out.

The video up above should give you a good idea of what the game is like, but I left out spoilers and answers to certain puzzles so that you can have the experience for yourself. Go play it. Just one click. It’ll be fun.

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  • Noooooooooooo!! I kicked that habit! It took forever but I stopped the Candy habit! You can’t make me go back! Stop tempting me!

  • Actually I found it less satisfying than the original. Played the first one through to completion, and the second one, and just found the sequel less “complete” if that makes any sense. It just felt like there were so many areas and options left unfulfilled, almost as if the sequel was partially completed and other areas will be filled in at a later time.

    For example, why render an entire ASCII church in the village if it’s never going to be used? Just seems like a needless tease.

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