Check Out The 2DS's Single Giant Screen

Check Out The 2DS' Single Giant Screen

New hardware means a few surefire things here on the internet. Someone will blend it. Someone will microwave it. And, naturally, someone will take the hardware apart and dive into its guts. The 2DS is no exception!

Behold, the handiwork of Rose Coloured Gaming:

Check Out The 2DS' Single Giant Screen

What you see in the middle there is the 2DS screen — yes, screen. Not two screens, one screen. We already knew that's what the 2DS featured, but it's still cool to see like this. Here's a more up-close picture of the screen:

Check Out The 2DS' Single Giant Screen



    And it's 100 bucks cheaper than the 3DS. I cannot justify paying more for a console that screws with my eyes :)

    I'd buy this in a heartbeat it only it had flip and retained this price point. The giant slab just looks too ugly and awkward to me.

    So does the bottom screen have a transparent touch-input overlaid on top of it? Odd. If not, how can only part of the screen be touchable?

      That is generally how touch screens work, yes.

        Ahh, I see. Well I reckon the term 'touchscreen' is a misnomer then! More like 'touch-pad-on-top-of-screen'.

          Well if you want to get technical, it's more like a screen over a display :P

          With resistive touch screens (like the DS and co), I think it's basically a flexible piece of plastic over the top which has IR light beamed in through the sides, so then whenever you press down on the screen and flex it, you alter the way the light shines and that gets read out as a position on the screen. Whereas capacitive touch screens I think actually have parts built into the display itself, inbetween the pixels, to detect when your finger is over them, measuring the charge sent down from your finger through the capacitive glass to the detector.

          Could be entirely wrong, but that's my understanding of it.

            Nearly right. What you just described was an INFRARED touchscreen, like on the Kindle touch.

            A resistive touch screen has two layers that have a current running through them. When they come into contact with each other, that's when it's registered as a touch.

      The entire screen is touchable, but the upper part has plastic overlaid to prevent it being used.

      the top screen is protected by plastic to prevent ppl from using it as a touch screen

    Bought my 2DS on Saturday (for Pokemon) and I absolutely love it! I can't see the 3D anyway so it was the perfect product for me, and feels pretty darn comfortable to hold.

    Last edited 17/10/13 10:32 am

    The 2DS might look absurd, but I'll happily testify how comfortable it is to play with - far better than the DS/3DS in this regard. The only thing that annoys me is that the orange wifi light bleeds a little through the casing on my white/red version (this probably isn't a prblem on the black version?) - but still worth it as white/red is old school Nintendo for me.

    If it could flip closed might have got it over the red pokemon 3DS Xl. Needed something that can fit in my pocket for the late shifts at work.

    The entire thing is a touch screen, touches on the top screen are simply ignored.

    Guys the point of the 2DS is cost reduction. Flipping would require two seperate screens, Its cheaper to make one big one.

      Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner guys!

      Pretty much what I was going to say.

    I bought one for my little brother yesterday and when I actually took it out and held it I was surprised at how nice it felt to hold. Way more comfortable than my 3DS XL, wouldn't hesitate to do a clean swap if that was even possible.

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