Check Out Xbox One's New Friends List

It stands to reason that Xbox Live on Xbox One would adopt the basic features of social networking — following friends, activity feeds and such. Larry Hryb of Xbox Live explains how all of that works in this video of the console's Friends app.

Remember, your friends list expands to 1000 under the new Xbox One, but you may also have unlimited followers, just like Twitter. Your feed on Xbox Live is filled up with features such as your latest game results and achievements earned. So, think of it as a social network FILLED with bot-written updates on what everyone is doing in their games. Awesome, right?

OK, kidding. Let's give this thing a chance. Other features include favouriting people who are in your friends list, so you may more easily find them when you're looking to connect in a party or in a match. And yes, you still have full control over what you choose to share publicly, just like on Xbox Live with the Xbox 360. There's a more detailed explanation at the link if you missed something above.

New Friends App and Multiplayer Features for Xbox Live on Xbox One [Major Nelson]


    The favourites thing is a great idea, it's already a bit of a hassle picking your 3 or 4 best mates out of 100 gamertags. I'll be more likely to fill up my friends list with a thousand randoms if I can have my half a dozen close mates in their own category.

      I do a bi yearly cull of people I add, play with once and never talk to again. In the end it's like Facebook - you end up with < 10 actual friends.

        I clean mine out regularly too, but at least now you could just let the friends pile up and not worry about your real mates getting enveloped by the random scum.

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      It's a nice feature, but I'd prefer categories so I could sort them like files and folders. That way I can have "Gears of War"->"Gears of War 2"->Jack, Jill, Ted, and hold onto those people even if I stop playing Gears of War with them.

        I used to think that too. But I don't know how it would work, especially if you meet some ransoms that play several games. It's definitely a good idea though.

          Yeah, it's always a bit of a tricky one. I think what you'd do is make it so that you have the base entry - this is @shadow, and then from there you'd be able to put @shadow into categories. By default you appear in the main list outside of folders, but I know you from Kotaku so I put you in the Kotaku folder, and lets say you play Halo, I also put you in the Halo folder. I can then choose to remove you from the main list since I figure we'll only play Halo or do Kotaku stuff together.
          The categories wouldn't have to be linked to anything, it could just be Close Friends and Randoms. You could however link a game to a folder so it defaults there when adding a friend via the game or finding players to invite via the game menu.

          On the main list it starts off with folders, showing a simple # in the corner indicating how many people in that group are online. If I hit D-Pad right/left it expands/contracts the folder so I can see the players online and the games they're currently playing. If I go to a specific player I can hit right/left again to expand/contract a list of their recently played games and/or games I've played with them. I can also hit a quick filter to just pour my friends list out on the table like it works on the 360, if ever I'm just looking for someone to play with.

          It's not perfect, but when it comes to friend list design I just want something I can sort and race through like I used to with music on the old iPod click wheel. Something where I can zoom back and forth, getting from the root menu to a specific song in under 10 seconds. Man, now I really miss my click wheel... =(

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            That's a well thought out system. Your idea of sort of 'tagging' people under different stuff never occurred to me, that'd be something I think could really work. It's always weird when you're looking through your list and wondering where you know people from. And when you're deleting them you're thinking 'is this a random I played with once, or is it a cousin that plays every now and then'.

              Yeah. I get a lot of 'I think that's such-and-such who doesn't play much, I know his old gamer tag was... but I'm pretty sure he changed it to this' mixed in with randoms I've played a few games of Battlefield with. It'd be great to just be able to put a note on them saying 'aka, Jeff, you know, Ugly Jeff from High School'.

                FYI I'm completely joking =D you know I think you're a top guy

    So GTA V is on Xbox One dev kits already or they're friends from Xbox 360?

      They're on 360. Xbox Live is cross platform, & you can tell by their smaller gamer picture.

      Yeah what James Mac said, it also says what console they're playing on next to it

    I hope they fixed the reputation system. I was playing a game before where someone was being a real prick. So I went to avoid the player and give him/her a negative rating.

    They were sitting on 4.75 stars. The moment I rated them, it went up to 5. So it doesn't take negative reviews into account. Any rating just seems to push the stars up to 5.

    In the multiplayer video, they talk about not having to worry about game saves anymore... that they're going to be accessible anywhere. Does this mean that all saves are now cloud based?

    whats with the panda face and piece of toast? is that the new avatars?

      I know it's a pain moderating all the penis and weed pictures, but goddamn I hope we can set custom avatars.

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