"Chinese Food" Is The True Sequel To Rebecca Black's "Friday"

The folks behind "Friday" are back! For better or worse, it's not a day of the week that is getting immortalised in YouTube this time, but a cuisine. This is "Chinese Food."

Stupid? Offensive? Genius?

If You Liked Rebecca Black's "Friday," You'll Love "Chinese Food" [Gawker]

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    I died a little.

    Ugh I thought it couldn't get any worse and then the panda took off his head to reveal a black guy at a young girls sleepover party...because you know, they clearly thought that through

    Last edited 15/10/13 5:47 pm

      There's no less than subtle message going on in that scene AT ALL... O_O

      This is 'genius' in the sense that it gets even sites like Kotaku to post this bullshit. I wish we stopped propagating this crap.

      Pedo panda.

    There is absolutely no way that she goes clubbing. What is she, 12?

    I couldn't actually make it to the end... It was like all of my brain cells were face-palming at once.

      Just like all of the other crap that Bashcraft posts on Kotaku.

    I gathered that she likes Chinese food.

    I actually quite like the video while Friday was annoying and trying to be serious this video seems to be a piss-take (or so I hope) which I find to be a good laugh.

    Dafuq was that!? Trying way (trying w-w-w-w-way) too hard.

    Suddenly that "What Does The Fox Say" song looks like high art.

      Lol... What does the fox say is amazing! Check out "Stonehenge" by Ylvis. Much funnier, and more obviously a pisstake.

    Trying too hard to be funny, but not "ha ha" funny.

    Ummm... That was stupid. And now I feel like Chinese which I can't get.... Great.

    Last edited 15/10/13 6:37 pm

    I was actually about to go buy chinese for dinner, but after that.....I don't think I can anymore =

    This is a disturbing trend on Youtube.

    See also: Tay Allyn's "Mass Text" and Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving"

    This is what cheap recording equipment and video editing software gets us :/

    Better than kids watching Miley Cyrus spread her ass and poke her tongue out for 4 mins.
    It's crap but seems to be targeted to youngsters, I listened to plenty of crappy music when I was a kid, toffee apple, spagetti bolanaise etc..

    Why would anyone post this dreck on a gaming news site?

    All that anyone will take from this is:
    "The Panda will fly away on a Rainbow"

    What. The. Hell. Was. That?

    ...not sure if subtlety multicultural or overtly racist.

    God, I love communist propaganda.

    Does Kotaku really have to propagate corporate 'viral' stuff like this?

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