Civilization's Crazy 10-Year Game Is STILL GOING

Civilisation's Crazy 10-Year Game Is STILL GOING

Redditor Lycerius made headlines last year when he showed off a Civilization II save game that had been bombing the same map into the dust for 10 years. Status update: despite the attention, and the fact the game's war wasn't really going anywhere, he's still at it. And so are a legion of "fans".

Ars Technica did a follow-up recently, and found that despite people finding a way to bring an end to Lycerius' "Eternal War" - which had raged for tens of thousands of years - he's refused the opportunity, instead deciding to keep on grinding his way through it.

Why? Because that's how the story's unfolding. The months since his story became big news have seen an entire community spring up based on his game's narrative, complete with fan fiction and even dreams to make an RPG.

Now that he's made 11 years, let's circle back around for 20. I mean, it's an eternal war. If it's gone for this long, no reason it can't just... keep going.

Civ II's "Eternal War" continues on reddit more than a year later [Ars Technica]


    Are all the players AI? also I thought Civ 2 ended after like, 2030 or something. I remember playing it many times and 'running out of time'

      You do run out of time to score points and "win" the game but you can choose to continue into infinity if you choose to

      If it's Civ II Ultimate Edition, it'll have a built in map/scenario editor that'll allow him to change the start and end parameters of the game. If he's not, it's still something that can be done via a simple text edit or with a hex editor. I used to mod the shit out of that game back in the day, it was pretty generous and forgiving to edit.

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    I've still got the collector's edition of this game. I wonder if it'll be worth anything. In like 100 years time.

    I wonder if this has spawned "parallel universes" where other players' strategies are applied to to.

    I have something similar with a Civ III game that started as a LAN MP game back in 2013. It required an external editor to change the end dates. Unfortunately, a few bugs arose from it, but it still works fine though.

    Civ 1 on the Amiga FTW with the Huge start up movie :P

    For anyone wanting to try a Civ game, GMG is offering Civ 5 for free when you vote for the Golden Joystick Awards

    Thanks so much for posting it! I already had Civ 5 so I chose the other option being Mafia II but I'm very happy with it. Thanks again!

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