Computer Becomes Cockroach Mass Grave + Nightmare Fuel

Computer Becomes Cockroach Mass Grave + Nightmare Fuel

Apologies if you were about to eat. Or open a computer. Or touch a computer. Or go to sleep. Ever. Reddit user mistermustard posted these shots yesterday, saying “I don’t think I’m going to fix computers anymore”. Fair enough, man. Fair enough.

Computer Becomes Cockroach Mass Grave + Nightmare Fuel

I don’t think I’m going to fix computers anymore. [Reddit]

Computer Becomes Cockroach Mass Grave + Nightmare Fuel
Computer Becomes Cockroach Mass Grave + Nightmare Fuel
Computer Becomes Cockroach Mass Grave + Nightmare Fuel


  • They’re just cockroaches, dead ones at that.

    I don’t understand the repulsion, cockroaches are some of the cleanest animals on the planet.

  • I used to have a picture of a PC case that had been returned to me for warranty, the entire case was just rust… no more gleaming metal it was entirely rust, you could actually poke your finger through anywhere on the case without too much effort.

    And in the bottom corner like those pics above was a massive NEST of redbacks, like 6-10 of them was messed up.

      • lol pretty much opened it, closed it and told him to come pick it up.
        Then he complained for about an hour that it should be under warranty still.

        • Did you tell him to come pick his computer up, or his rusted box that was nesting redbacks? 😛

  • But why? Why would they be interested in going inside the computer? There’s no food or anything in there .

    The only thing I’ve ever found in a case is dust. And one of them at work, I didn’t clean for a couple of years and kept it on the floor, on carpet. Still just dust.

    • It’s surprisingly warm in computer cases, plus it looks to be a few years old and never really cleaned, could be full of all kinds of dead skin and junk picked up by the fans that they could eat.

      The worst case I’ve ever opened had a metre long brown snake being all dead in the corner

      • Its actually surprising how many snakes are found in PC cases.. especially since the ones ive seen first hand we couldn’t work out how they even got inside.

        • We had a computer come in at Leading Edge years ago with a dead snake, just the skeleton was left.

      • Ummm… I’m gonna ask for some proof on that one before I believe it.

        I had a quick google and they actually seem to be repelled by them. Where did you learn this?

        • remember reading it long ago…it was on the internets so maybe its false.
          I have seen roaches crawling in to the sockets of live powerboards though…

          • It’s actually the warmth. That’s why cockroaches love hiding under refrigerators etc too.

          • **Shudders**

            I don’t care how clean people tell me they are. I see one, I kill it and flush it down the dunny.

            Hate ’em.

            But I have noticed that since I started taking the rubbish out every night that I see a lot less of them.

  • Worst I ever came across inside a computer was a dead rat chilling in the corner, freaked me out something shocking!

  • I’m kind of worried to open my computer case now… more so for the effort that would be involved in cleaning it out if it was infested

  • Cases from people that smoke inside are the worst.

    The usual dust is multiplied times ten and it takes on a oily, tar like texture, and is a horrible dark brown.

    • Yep i had a pipe smoker bring his case in one day, was literally dripping with a blackish brown goo throughout the case. Showed the customer what was inside and he almost quit on the spot… almost he lit up as soon as he walked out with his manky case.

  • I guess this poor guy never changed a babies nappy.. unclogged a drain.. or cleaned up spew..

    bit sheltered id wager.

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