Console Gaming Is Dead (In This Simpsons Gag)

Console Gaming Is Dead (In This Simpsons Gag)

Today's Halloween-themed update to The Simpsons: Tapped Out has a new loading screen filled with some excellent gags, including a special shout-out to console gaming.

If you can't read the screenshot up there, here's a higher-res version (click expand):

Console Gaming Is Dead (In This Simpsons Gag)

Particularly poignant when you consider how many kazillions of dollars Simpsons: Tapped Out is bringing in for EA every day.

Thanks Nick!


    Yeah, because a micro transaction based EA time management game with crap servers, security issues and next to no support gets to make that fantastic claim

      I like it. It annoys me that there are characters that don't talk, but there's plenty of updates. This is just in good Simpsons fun though and if you've played it you'll know that they make fun out of being a freemium game in the same way they take the piss out of themselves in the show.

        Yeah I know, EA just erks me. I did play it for a week or so before the shine wore off

      It gets plenty of support. There's regular free content updates.

        So not that long ago when a whole bunch of people lost their purchases and were greatly ignored, that's good support is it?

          I didn't know about that. Although once I could log in for a few days and I got an apology and a bunch of donuts.

    Kinda funny seeing The Simpsons in a graveyard considering it's been a zombie since season 9.

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