'Cosplay Driver Licences' Exist In Japan

Good news if you are a cosplayer! And if you have a car. And if you need to renew your Japanese driver's licence.

You can legally pose for your licence while cosplaying. Granted, this isn't a mainstream trend by any means, but owning a "cosplay driver licence" is certainly possible in Japan, where they're also colloquially called "itai driver licence" (痛い免許証 or "itai menkyoshou"). In short, they're a regular licence, but with the driver wearing a costume.

According to mangaartist Pikupikun, who recently posed for his own cosplay licence, hats aren't allowed. Website Otakuma reports that unnaturally bright wigs also are also apparently not allowed.

It looks like colour contacts lenses are a-OK.

Ditto for cross-dressing as schoolgirl characters (above).

Nagoya-based cosplayer Amaguri Irufu recently dressed up as anime character Shirai Kuroko for her licence.

But way back in 2010, cosplayer Konomi Haruhara was already dressing up as Mari from Neon Genesis Evangelion for her licence.

It's not only cosplayers who take advantage of Japan's lax rules for licence pics. Members of visual kei rock band Golden Bomber proudly showed off their driver's licence photos. One member even posed as a samurai, complete with topknot.

Due to obvious constraints, you can't see much of the cosplayer's costumes. However, there's something wonderfully subversive and nerdy about cosplaying in your driver's licence pic.

ブームの兆し?ネットで話題の「コスプレ免許証」の世界 [おたくま]

Photos: PIKU2N, PIKU2N, amaguritan, このみんぶろぐ, Golden Bomber Blog


    I wonder if anyone's tried getting a license while cosplaying as Yukari Tanizaki... (She's a notoriously bad driver from Azumanga Daioh)

    Think I'd get away with my Dr McNinja cosplay?

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