Cosplayers Vs Stadium Security Is A New And Hilarious Thing

Cosplayers vs Stadium Security Is A New And Hilarious Thing

The League of Legends World Championship finals are going down at the Staples Center in Los Angeles tomorrow, and there'll be a big crowd in attendance. Among them will be plenty of cosplayers. Who are going to have some interesting conversations with security, no doubt.

Because of the type of venue, and the fact it's going to have sports-like security watching over it, there are rules that cosplayers are going to have to stick to if they want to attend. Rules that probably sound very valid to security, but are just funny reading for everyone else.

A Riot representative has published the rules on Reddit, which are:

— -

What's not allowed:

  • No masks, partial masks (i.e. Akali), or anything that obscures even part of your face

  • Weapon-based props will be allowed on a per-case basis, but some hard stoppers are:

  • No heavy materials

  • No sharp edges

  • Nothing resembling the proportions of a real weapon

Staples has said that they will allow light foam weapons, but it will be based on security's discretion. If you're denied entry with your prop, you'll be allowed to stash it somewhere safe to re-enter and it won't be confiscated (although you may need to line up again if you return to your car). I'd stress here to err on the side of caution. If you're bringing a weapon prop and it looks anything close to, say, a dagger, it won't matter what the material is — it'll look dangerous and won't be allowed through.

What is allowed:

  • Small backpacks (14" x 14") will be allowed through security

  • Cameras ARE allowed for the event but it'll be crowded, so if you're bringing expensive equipment, make sure you take care of it!

— -

I would kill to see the thought processes going through a security guard's mind on a "per case" basis.

TITLE: Cosplayers WILL be allowed into Staples Center - just not masks and some props. [Reddit]


    isn't no weapons pretty common rule? the convention i normally attend bans anything that "looks like it could hurt someone" but foam swords etc are fine.

    no masks is a little silly though i guess

    Far as I know, that's all pretty much the norm for Australian conventions. The venue has to protect itself, usually by putting all the blame on the host, and the host has to protect themselves too.

    Only weird things were masks and the small backpacks.

      Not really, this is America we're taking about. A place where everyone is paranoid a backpack can contain a bomb and a mask obscures their ability to use facial recognition to track you (or spot known terrorists).

      Last edited 05/10/13 7:12 pm

    You know, The Verge did this much better.

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