Creepy App Turns Your Friends Into Bloody Corpses

It's hard to come up with a good Halloween costume...but if you happen to have an iPhone, you have a couple of new options open up to you thanks to Mark Rober. Specifically, costumes that take advantage of the iPhone's screen to show squicky stuff, like guts or eyeballs.

Done the right way, apparently the sight of iPhone guts will freak people the heck out, judging from the footage shown in the middle of this video — but you'll have to go more all-out with your costume than simply opting for a T-shirt moving eyeball or something.

And if these aren't options for you? Just...don't show up as the bro in the banana suit, man. Don't do it.

Gut Ripping iPhone Halloween Costume + 17 more hi-tech costumes [Mark Rober]


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