Cute Martial Arts Kids Made Cuter With 'Guile's Theme'

There's this idea that everything goes with Guile's theme. But sometimes, the Street Fighter character's music doesn't just make things better, but also makes them more adorable.

Perhaps you've seen this classic? It's even cuter with Guile's theme.

But, you know, there's some instances when you don't need to add Guile's theme. Take the above, unaltered video, for example. Forty seconds in, it already has it's own great theme music.

Videos: [email protected], Tharun [email protected], weiyeu2


    There's about watching little kids doing martial arts. I can't quite place what though

    Last edited 19/10/13 10:43 pm

      I kind of felt the same way, but on the other hand even though I'm not one of those "kids never go outside anymore" types, I'm just sort of happy to see kids doing a sport.

      Last edited 19/10/13 11:21 pm

    My kids watch this movie way too much.. even know the theme song in Japanese

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