Dang Does The Persona 3 Movie Look Gorgeous

Sure, Persona 3, the JRPG by Atlus where you shoot yourself in the head to summon demons, wasn't all about the visuals. You play it because going back to high school and being best friends with your pals is the best. But, man oh man, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate seeing the game animated like this.

It's like watching the cutscenes in the game, only there's an entire movie of it. Yes please.

Here's the latest, greatest trailer for the Persona 3 film — it's called Persona 3 The Movie #1: Spring of Birth, and it releases in Japan later this year. Hopefully some subs come out, but either way, just watching this makes me have that urge to turn on a PS2 or my PSP to play Persona 3... AGAIN. Yes, even if it means suffering through Fuuka once more. That's how much I love Mitsuru.

Although... where is Aigis here? :(

[Via Siliconera]


    The movie looks like it won't go farther than when Fuuka joins the team, so she'd be in movie two.

      yeah, it might go as far as the train mission

        That'd be the mission before Fuuka's recruitment, which is shown since Fuuka has her persona here. So it goes to the third full moon in the game (since scenes from all three are shown in the trailer).

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