Deadly Premonition On PC Looks Like Crap (But There's A Fix)

Deadly Premonition On PC Looks Like Complete S**t (But There's A Fix)

Weird Japanese horror game Deadly Premonition has made it to the PC! That's the good news. The bad news is that, like Dark Souls before it, this Japanese game has been ported to the PC in a sorry state indeed.

Seems the game's locked at 720p, acceptable for console gaming on a TV, perhaps, but not for the Glorious PC Master Race, who haven't been gaming in 1280x720 resolution since the 1990s.

Customers are understandably a little upset, but worry not: the same guy (Durante) who helped fix Dark Souls is already at work on upping the resolution for this as well.

That screenshot up top, for example, is the game running in 2560x1440. After only 1 hour and 19 minutes of work.

You can download an alpha release of Durante's fix here.

Deadly Premonition PC port locked to 720p, no gfx options (nm, Durante fixed it) [NeoGAF]


    Why on earth would you link a screenshot showing the game running at 2560x1440.. yet... viewing the screenshot doesn't even display it at the 1280x720 resolution the game is locked to.

    Full size screenshots or GTFO

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