December, The Month We Get A Playable Alpha Of Elite: Dangerous

It surprised no one when Elite co-creator David Braben's Kickstarter for a modern refit hit and exceeded it £1.25 million funding goal. If you're wondering how much progress has been made on the actual game since then, the answer is a bit. Well, a lot. Enough to justify a playable alpha by the end of the year.

In the development diary above, Braben explains the latest additions to the game, as well as the role fan feedback has had on the design process. He also mentions that the alpha is on target for a December debut, lovely news to the ears of space-farers everywhere.

As a sort of celebration, though more likely an act combining one's love of games and regular crumb-earning, Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Craig Pearson interviewed Braben, asking him several alpha-related questions. The developer took the opportunity to reiterate that planetary landings — a main feature of previous games — won't be available with the initial release:

I think the most controversial is not to include landing on planetary surfaces in the first release. This is because as a player you expect there to be so much there; bustling cities, rich vistas, verdant forests full of exotic creatures, and so on. You expect to be able to get out and walk around. All of those things we want to, and plan to do with time. But not at first release.

According to the game's FAQ, this functionality should find its way into the first expansion, due "within a year" of Elite: Dangerous' release.

Use the magic of the internet and hit up Rock, Paper, Shotgun below for the full interview with Braben.

Alpha Papa Chat: Elite: Dangerous Alpha In December [RPS]


    Yup yup.. I'm getting the second round of private beta.. I'm not a big fan of alpha's because they're still very much bare bones and I don't really have the time and patience to go bug hunting, writing out bug reports and so on.. it's a lot of work really. So I generally jump into these things in beta where I can do a bit of bug hunting and discussion on forums to help with the tweaking etc

    Can't wait for this game regardless :)

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