Deus Ex Is More Expensive On Wii U Because Of 'Exclusive Features'

Deus Ex Is More Expensive On Wii U Because Of 'Exclusive Features'

Bad news ahead for Wii U owners who were looking forward to the upcoming director's cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution — the game will cost $US50 on Wii U, even though it's $US30 on other platforms.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, which will be out on October 22 for Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, is a re-release of the 2011 shooter-RPG with a few new accessories, like new boss fights, better AI and director's commentary, among other things.

The game was originally announced as a Wii U exclusive with some touchpad-friendly features, but publisher Square Enix later revealed that the game will be on other platforms as well, and that many of those touchscreen add-ons will also be available for SmartGlass (on Xbox 360) and Vita (on PS3).

Today, we've learned that the game will be cheaper on other platforms too.

"This is the first time Deus Ex is available on the Wii U," Square Enix said in a statement to Kotaku when we asked about the discrepancy. "We have an extensive feature set which makes full use of the Wii U GamePad, plus we were able to add exclusive features to the Wii U version which we think Nintendo fans will appreciate and truly immerse them into the world of Deus Ex like never before."

Poor Wii U owners. First we find out that the cool-looking exclusive Deus Ex re-release isn't all that exclusive, and now we find out that it's more expensive, too. Granted, you can't get the original game on Wii U like you can on other platforms, but this still feels like something of a slap in the face to the Wii U owners who were excited for this release.

Here's a press release I dug up from March: "Montréal (March 20, 2013) — Eidos Montréal®, a Square Enix® studio, today announced the Director's Cut of DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION®, the definitive version of the critically acclaimed action-RPG title, is coming soon exclusively to Nintendo's Wii U™ system."

Maybe what they really meant was "coming soon exclusively at $US50 to Nintendo's Wii U™ system"?


    Sooo, what's that? WiiU $120 AUD and on other platforms $110 AUD?

      Well I think the RRP for a new game in the US is usually US$60, isn't it? Which is usually about AU$100 here. So on that basis, you'd think about $50 for the other platforms and $80-ish for Wii U?

        I know, I was poking fun at the price hike for Australia :P

      I was going to say, "This is a US article right? because we rarely see price tags that low down here"

    Plus no trophies or achievements on Wii U version. Sadly this makes the 360 and PS3 versions look a lot better.

    They're just taking advantage of the somewhat limited Wii U library. Of course people will pay more for a quality 'mature' title (we'll see about that)

    I wonder when PC modders will get the touchscreen features working with a third-party tablet computer on PC

    I can understand why they're doing it. They're doing a full production run with version exclusive features for a console that is unlikely to bring in outstanding sales. That said Nintendo should be paying the difference. If I were at Nintendo I'd be honouring Steam keys for it.
    They won't make the money back directly, but from what I've seen putting Deus Ex's Wii U exclusive features into as many people's hands as possible will put Wii U Watch Dogs on people's radars. If they're lucky Wii U Watch Dogs will then make more people take the console seriously. It's not going to win the war but it stands a chance to be a solid push for a console that's struggling to find any sort of recognition outside of hardcore Nintendo fan circles.

    I didn't ask for this..

    HA, never had a better op than right now to try that old egg. I don't care how late I am

    So it is more expensive because it isn't competing with an older version of itself.

    Already got this game years ago - they're already well into development of the sequel. Nothing to see here...

    This game is £24 on Wii U Amazon pre-order at the moment. Tempted because the original is one of the greatest PC games ever.

    Quite why NoA or Square-Enix would want to price it so much higher on Wii U in USA is beyond explanation. They will instantly lose every Wii U sale except to collectors and die hard Wii U owning Deus Ex fans. This probably spells the end to any 2014 Square-Enix support for Wii U.

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