Does A Nintendo 2DS Burst Into Flames Inside A Microwave?

You bet your Pokemans it does.

Long-time internet microwaver (I'm sure that's what he puts on his tax return) dOvetastic is the man here putting a brand new 2DS in the box then killing it.

If you find yourself asking "WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?", first ask yourself "did I just watch that video until the 2DS burst into flames?"

If you answered "yes", well.

Microwaving My New Nintendo 2DS [YouTube]


    a tiny bit more research and you'll find that the guy in the video is now selling the burnt product on ebay for a measly $2,000.

    This asshat again!? Wastes money on microwaving a games console, then sells the damn thing as "art". What annoys me more is sites giving this jackass attention so he'll be justified in his actions.

    New low Plunkett which must be hard for you

      Why do you care what someone else does with their money when it hurts no one?

      I think the article where Plunkett paraphrased the start of HG Wells 'Little Wars' and tried passing it off as an article pretty much his lowest point. Then again yesterday's response where he alluded to actually contributing something to his BS Star Wars post is perhaps lower.

      Oh and we shouldn't forget the famous photo scandal!!!

    "pokemans" That wouldn't by any chance be a RoosterTeeth reference would it?

    If you find yourself asking “WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?”, first ask yourself “did I just watch that video until the 2DS burst into flames?”

    Luke, the only reason I watched it was because I still had a degree of faith in you filtering the chaff from the wheat when you decide what to post or not post on Kotaku. Lesson learned, I guess.

    I hope they put a do not microwave warning on the 2DS box.

    I just kinda feel uneasy that we live in society where people are constantly shooting, burning, exploding and generally destroying electronic devices for no other purpose than entertainment. It's just a waaassstteee

      My inner child who was lucky to get a third hand Playstation, weeps at the stupidity and wastefulness of some people. No idea how the people who spent a long time designing and marketing these systems react to videos like this. Pretty big middle finger to people who wanted to make others happy

    I did not watch it. And I won't. I do not condone the killing of an innocent, and surprisingly great games console.

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