Don't Buy This Grand Theft Auto App On Android

Don't Buy This Grand Theft Auto App on Android

Friendly reminder, the "iFruit" companion app to Grand Theft Auto V is available, as of now, for Apple iOS devices only — and it is free. That hasn't stopped some guy from selling one under the same name for $2.79 for Android phones and tablets.

What's more, users allege the name of the app was changed, from simply "iFruit" to "Grand Theft Auto: iFruit," (and that the developer changed his name, too.) Two screenshots plainly lifted from the iFruit's page on iTunes are used to illustrate this app, whose description now reads "This is one of the best guides to GTA V ever made! If you have problems with this on your device let us know! we will be happy to make it right."

I emailed the app's creator to ask how this is not a deliberately confusing rip-off. Here's the reply, verbatim:

We're very sorry but we can not comment at this time. We will let our supervisor you would like to contact.

The app's user reviews are shot through with complaints.

The app seems to do nothing. I know, I bought it just for the laughs. It is all of 348K large. Booting it up takes you to a screen that pinwheels endlessly, so it's not even a "guide" to the game, as shady apps on both Android and iTunes have done for other games. The real iFruit, of course, has tools to customise cars in Grand Theft Auto, train and care for Chop, Franklin's loveable, misbehaving Rottweiler, and other pastimes (including play Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City if you bought those versions for your device.)

Good news, if you uninstall it pronto, Google Play will refund your purchase. (I know it's listed for $1.99 in the store; it charged my credit card $2.79). God knows what the thing is actually doing while its loading screen spins, though, so it's better to just stay away from this altogether until Rockstar itself says iFruit is out on Android. You'll know it's legit because it'll be free.

Update: Well, whaddaya know. The app was removed after publication of this story. Same caution applies, folks, because apparently this wasn't the first ripoff to make its bones off the iFruit name on Android.


    Freakin' ridiculous. Rockstar should've had the android app ready at launch like the IOS one was, seriously.

      After the development effort and cost required to make the game in the first place, there's no excuse. Rockstar left the door open for these kinds of scams, it's on their heads as far as I'm concerned.

        Well yeah, if you believe Fox News et al., GTA is responsible for all criminal/shady behaviour.

          I'm sorry, what? I think you missed the point there by a mile.

            No, I got your point. Rockstar should have had both versions ready for launch. I'm not disputing that.

            My reply was to Zombie Jesus, blaming Rockstar for the scammers. Even if the iFruit app was on Android, there would still be copycats trying to cash in.

              It would have been a lot harder, considering the official app would be the first one to come up on a search. These scammers know the only reason they have a hope of selling their scam is because there's no mention anywhere except in tiny text on the Rockstar website that the Android version isn't out yet. The messages they spam you with early on in-game certainly seem to suggest it's available.

              So yes, Rockstar left the door open for what is happening now - people searching for the iFruit app believing it's available, and buying the only one that comes up.

      clearly because Android has 80% smartphone market share compared to Apple's 13%.
      That said, I keep hearing the Android problem is the support for so many versions.
      How about the fact that the 3 main protagonists don't have an android? we have iPhone, Blackberry and windows phone, but no android.
      We'll see a blackberry app before we see an Android app

        Really? I got iPhone, Windows Phone and Android with BB looking icons out of it.

          I get my info from Kotaku :P

        This is the most expensive game ever made with some of the most talented programmers in the industry working on it. This is a fairly irrelevant issue with the sort of talent behind this game and the length of time it's had in development? Apps across ALL platforms should have been a day 1 priority.

      Seriously, whats the point of releasing the Android and Windows Phone app now? Takeup will be low because the majority will of already finished the single player. Chop is a useless character without training, the only thing that would be useful is the LSC component for GTA Online.

    Who the hell just downloads a random app without checking the developer/reviews/screenshots?

      I know!


      I bought it just for the laughs


      God knows what the thing is actually doing while its loading screen spins

      = WTF?!

    The lack of Android app is more disappointing than the GTAOnline launch issues IMHO.

    I just keep checking here to see if the Android app is available - never mind the Play Store

    And the developer is actually called "Miserysoft"?!?!?!

    The Apple store screening process wins again...

      If by wins you mean week long delay? I'd rather use my brain than have to wait for each update/release to be approved but each to their own.

      I guess if you are big like rockstar you can skip this?

        It was sarcasm... And did you even read the article at all? It's about how people are putting up fake look-a-likes of the GTAV app, and trying to scam people.

        My point was they should pick this up in the screening process and not let it on the freaking store in the first place.

          I'm confused, are you knocking Apple or Google? Google has a reverse application process to Apple.

            The Apple process might be slow, but it sure weeds out bullshit like this.

      Except for the times it doesn't, like with Pokemon Yellow, numerous clones using copyrighted materials, and other ways that people have found to get around the screening process. Sure, Apple's screening process catches the more malicious ones, but there are still a lot of cheap cash grabs that appear.

    It's back
    Listed with a different developer name.

      And already +51 on G+ with 2 positive reviews!

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