Don't Play Slaps With Khal Drogo. Ever.

Because he'll kick your arse. Well. Hands.

This clip was taken by the band Radio Birds, whose manager you can see there starting the game against former Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa so optimistically.

Oh, how his tune has changed around a minute in.


    Why do people keep challenging Jason to this kind of thing? He accidently crushed one of the game of thrones director's hands when the guy drunkenly challenged him to a game of mercy AFTER a game of slaps.

      I heard it on the GoT panel as well, he wound up breaking some bones in David Benioff's hand when they did this after a drunken night out in Northern Ireland.

    That looks immensely painful :P

    Obnoxious friggen annotations. I thought I turned them off but they keep coming back!

    Hmm, when we play this if you dodge without the person moving its a free slap

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