Don't Shoot Yourself Is Pretty Good Advice

Trapped in a bullet hell of your own making, it's natural to consider taking the easy way out. Don't Shoot Yourself would rather you didn't.

If 100 Bullets wasn't already taken I might suggest a name change for this unique take on the mobile bullet hell shooter. The player is trapped in a closed space with 100 bullets to spend before the one that frees them is fired. The trick is staying alive to shoot number 101, as the previously fired rounds bounce all over the damn place, and if you fail, it's your own damn fault for not heeding the name of the game.

Normally I wait to tell the nice people (that's you) about upcoming mobile games until we're a bit closer to release — Don't Shoot Yourself isn't due out until November 13 for iOS — but the concept is so cool I had to share. Besides, it's the work of Michael Silverman of Silverware Games, whose Composition-Jbrought me countless hours of entertainment earlier this year.

Don't Shoot Yourself is coming to iOS next month for $0.99 from publisher Ayopa Games. Try not know...before then.


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