Double Fine's Newest Game Lets You Run Your Own Space Station

Shades of Theme Hospital in the newest game from Double Fine, Spacebase DF-9, which tasks you with running your very own space station and trying to prevent everyone from dying.

You can play the new space simulator on Steam Early Access right now. It looks... amazing. And if that trailer hasn't piqued your interest, check out this 39-minute walkthrough by creative lead JP LeBreton:

PRETTY COOL. The folks behind Spacebase DF-9 have got tons and tons of future content planned already, and their blog is already full of behind-the-scenes details and updates. Seems worth checking out.


    Huh. I remember playing the prototype back when they ran the humble bundle. I liked the idea but it was extremely rough. Interested to see what the finished product is like.

    the're making this over autonomous? Incredibly disappointing.

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