Even Destiny's Guns Have Backstories

At Bungie, backstory is everything. It's paramount to the design process. Everything must have a history: the characters, the environment. The guns?

On Bungie's official website they have a new feature called Destiny Drawing Board. It's a cool look at concept art and a unique view into just how in-depth the creative process at Bungie is.

In this post the team show off the Silver Dollar MK.35, a shotgun in the Destiny universe. Not only does it show off the gun from a million different vantage points, and explain some of the backstory, it goes into the history of the shotgun itself, as a weapon and a phrase. Pretty crazy.

It just reinforces to me how good Bungie is at creating a sense of place and history, not just in their universe, but in every single piece of furniture that exists within that universe. It just makes me want to explore Destiny all the more.


    Destiny drawing board has been around for ages now.

    I want to see far more discussion on the game itself. The hype train on Destiny is massive and it's going to be a real let down if it doesn't live up to it.

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