Even Intel Reckons GTA V Is Coming To PC

Even Intel Reckons GTA V Is Coming To PC

Let's talk facts. Every single numbered Grand Theft Auto game has been available on the PC. But that hasn't stopped people freaking out over the fact that the latest game in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, has yet to be announced for the platform.

In some ways, you can understand their concern. The PC is stronger than it has been in over a decade, thanks to services like Steam, so Rockstar keeping silent makes it look like they're ignoring easy money. There's also the fact that the company's last open-world smash, Red Dead Redemption, never made it to the PC.

On the other side of the argument, though, is the fact Grand Theft Auto IV was released in April 2008, and it took until August 2008 for a PC version to even be announced.

That and one of the world's biggest PC companies is now even acting like, eh, whatever, of course it's coming to PC.

Speaking with PC Gamer, Intel's Chris R. Silva has said "...with Grand Theft Auto I don't think it'll be console exclusive very long. But that's what happens when you have a brand new launch with two companies that have lots of money trying to make sure they have content."

In case he didn't make his theory clear enough, he then adds "Somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that title was exclusive."

I'm not sure it's something that drastic keeping the game off the PC - it's likely just the customary delay - but hey, until we know the truth of the matter, all possibilities are on the table.

Intel on GTA 5 PC release: "I don't think it will be console exclusive very long" [PC Gamer]


    *Looks at time of posting. Looks at time on computer* 12:08pm... It seems I've traveled back in time again.

      You gotta constantly check that flux capacitor, or it'll do some weird shit...

    This makes me wonder about the Steam Machines, if Sony and Microsoft will be spending big (I'm assuming) on timed exclusives, would Valve be willing to do the same to get some big name games on PC first? Granted, Valve games will most likely appear on Steam OS before PS4 or Xbone, but will they be able to convince people that Steam Machines are a worthy substitute for a console if they're waiting a month or two (or longer) for, let's say the next Fallout or Elder Scrolls?

      Considering Valve pretty much own the IP on some big name games. I think they'll look at pushing their own games before hand. HL3 confirmed anyone?....anyone?

        Yeah, but I also think they're smart enough to see that will work them into a Nintendo situation where they can never fully land a user selling just their games. Especially when they're so bad at release schedules. There'd be massive gaps between the Valve exclusives. They've got a lot of advantages going for them, but still I think they'd need to resolve that issue if they're going to take this seriously.

    did anyone seriously think it wasn't going to come to PC?

      With the conspicuous absence of RDR, we can never be too sure until it actually happens, unfortunately.

        I thought the reasoning for that was that it was made by Rockstar San Diego who have never ported to PC.

        GTA V is made by Rockstar North who always port to PC.

        RDR was a different Rockstar studio than the GTA series. All previous GTA has come, this one will too. I really wanted RDR, but the studio that makes it does not love the PC apparantly

          @piratepete @brewer74

          Yeah, different studios, but I'm still butthurt about it so I'm being cautious with Rockstar (the publisher). "I'll believe it when I see it" is I think a fair position of caution to take, without commenting on how likely it'll be =)

            We have all been hurt by RDR not coming to PC :(

            How could they be so cruel?!

            I agree, I think we are sweet with GTA though. RDR looks awesome, but I have never had a decent go, as I cant stand the draw distance on 360. It would rock on PC, imagine the online with this game on PC and mods and such. I share your apprehension, but I think we are safe with GTA. (Friggin better be..)

    Just bought a Titan to run GTA5. I am so friggin keen. Always played on PC, always will. GTA Online on PC should rock too. RELEASE IT NOW. Dont worry, we will get it, just a matter of time. With a game with such a massive budget, they will not close off a fairly large revenue stream. Expect PS4 and Xbone versions to be announced soon too.

      Don't be so sure about the Xbone/PS4. With a game of this size and the new architecture of the systems the time it would take to adapt the game to an unfamiliar system would be better spent working on the next game.
      It takes time to learn the architecture of a new system and Rockstar tend to do that before they release a GTA on it.

        Also, Rockstar tend to start development of the next iteration straight after the current launch, so, yeah, most likely no GTA5 on Xbone/PS4.

      Titan, eh...so uh...where do you live and what times are you not at home, just out of innocent curiosity?

    It'll definitely be on PC. I certainly wouldn't bet on it not coming to PS4/X1 either.

    Haven't Rockstar confirmed GTA:V for Julyish next year? Or am I drinking the vodka water again?

      Nah, otherwise it'd be spammed all over the Kotaku news and Pat Hernandez would have posted an overstretched piece about how Rock* is being generous by throwing a bone to the increasingly insignificant PC gaming community and what this says about society in general...

      ...at least, that's what usually happens.

      Last edited 09/10/13 6:16 pm

    Sure is sour grapes over there.

    Maybe they have limited resources and haven't done a full port-job for GTAV yet to a PC codebase?

    Maybe they're making money hand over fist by people buying it on consoles, so they don't need to release it with any great urgency on PC?

    Maybe - just maybe - they're happy for the first blush of interest to be console based, so that by the time they release it on PC it won't be immediately pirated into the ground - or even if it is, they've already made their money on it.

    Yes, piracy blah blah prove %'s, blah blah. Yes, consoles can be pirated too blah blah. PC pirating is as easy as a download and running a crack (included in the download), so it's more widespread. It is a factor, however.

      Long/short is: this doesn't immediately mean Sony and MS paid bajillions to keep it console exclusive. If it's on consoles only, then it's a R* decision, nothing more.

      Most of your arguments come down to money, which is perfectly fine. But companies that focus on money as their priority tend to be bad at breeding loyalty, and loyalty should not be underestimated as a major factor in pushing unit sales. The GTA series started on PC, if they abandon it now because consoles are more profitable, I think that would affect my likelihood of picking up GTA6.

        It's a pretty important point, as there are a lot of people who drew up through various numbered entries (or all, like us) and may be turned off.

        However, the console-only approach has smashed about seven Guinness records, I believe I read today. I'm not sure if there are enough people who would bail if there was no PC version to counterbalance the apparent hordes who are happy to buy on console.

        It'd be interesting to see data on the overlap, however.

        On a separate point, *if* Sony and MS were actually paying to keep this off PCs, that would be a significant loss for an incoming Steam Machine. Especially if they could manage it with other publishers.

    Release on current gen consoles, make over a billion.

    Wait 6 months, release on PC, MORE BILLIONS.

    Another 6 months, next gen, EVEN MORE BILLIONS.

    It's all about money, they wanted as many copies sold as they could, if they announced for PC/NextGen I think a sizable chunk would have waited, so it would have been less billions.

    It's nice to be excited, GTAV is a great game and all. Has everyone forgotten that the GTAIV port was utter balls? Incredibly poorly optimised.

      Nah the hardware to play it on just hadn't been invented yet.

      Sarcasm aside, that's basically what Rockstar said, specifically it needed 'next gen' PC hardware to run. I'm pretty sure every PC gamer's face met their palm that day.

        My palm met my face 4 years after IV released when I bought a solid gaming PC, and it STILL ran badly :S

    It needs to come out on PC for the sole reason of someone modding Trevor's appearance to look like Dark Knight Joker.

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