Every Pokemon You Can Catch In X And Y, In One Handy Map

Every Pokémon You Can Catch In X & Y, In One Handy Map

Sure, you could look at your in-game Pokedex to figure out what's located where... but not only do you have to encounter a Pokemon first to access them there, that method isn't as useful as having all the information in one picture.

Thankfully, Reddit user Bobdor is way ahead of us — check out this awesome map he created. Click 'expand,' then right click and choose 'open in a new tab' to see the whole thing:

Every Pokémon You Can Catch In X & Y, In One Handy Map

With this, hopefully you can have an easier time catching all the available Pokemon in X & Y. Do note that in order to get all the Pokemon listed under Friend Safari, you need at least a handful of friends registered. Additionally, Bobdor notes the following about the map:

If a pokemon has the "horde" symbol next to it, it doesn't mean that it ONLY comes in hordes. It just means that it DOES come in hordes.

Also if a pokemon has any "fishing" symbol next to it. I just put the easiest method for capture instead of listing all. For example if you can catch something with a good and super rod, I just put good because you don't NEED the super rod.

Happy Pokemon collecting!

A PDF version you can download is available here.

(Via r/Pokemon)



    nice map is a great help but i picked up that catapie and weedle can be caught on one game as i have them both but what i also learnt was pokemon differ from which starter you choose

    It look like my country (France)

      Thats because this region was based off of France

    Was available before

    I like Pika

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