Every Reason Wonder Woman Should Be In A Blockbuster Movie

DC Comics has a Holy Trinity, a trio of decades-old world-renown characters that are the publisher's bedrock. In the last 35 years, Superman has had six big-budget movies come out from major studios. Batman's gotten eight. But Wonder Woman hasn't had any. This video shows why the complete lack of onscreen Diana is a goddamn shame.

The thing with Wonder Woman is that she works as a character in two wildly divergent realities. She's equally at home in amongst the Greco-Roman myths of yore and the injustices of the war-torn modern day world. Even though it's basically a sizzle reel, the clip above from Rainfall Films shows that dichotomy in full effect, with impressive effects work to boot. It seems like always loose talk regarding some TV show/movie about Wonder Woman that just might happen if we all wish hard enough. Wishes aren't necessary. Wonder Woman is a great concept that can hold its own. Come on already, Warner Bros.


    I don't doubt that it can be done, but the amount to work needed to pull it off would be phenomenal. I'd love to see a good DC female protagonist (who is this Halle Berry you speak of?), and WW is the best bet for that, but I would have absolutely no idea in which direction to take it. I hope that it happens one day, but only if it's done well, otherwise leave it alone (Electra *shudder*).

      Is that moniker or WW icon look like a girl spread eagle holding her legs wide open showing the "magic diamond" in the middle?

    I'd argue that just because other characters have gotten a bunch of movies doesn't mean they really deserved them either. Superman is, for me, one of the most boring and one-dimensional superhero characters of all. His movies weren't very interesting to me and I don't think his character warranted six of them.

    I feel similarly about Wonder Woman. I read the comics when I was a kid, and I just don't think there's much character depth there. Maybe they'll make a movie and prove me wrong, but I'm not really fussed if they don't.

      Superman on the surface is a 1D character... but when they delve into the how much he has to hold back some of teh comics are amazing... Did you see the latest DC movie, The flashpoint paradox.... supermans character in that was a simpleton, but WOW...
      i'd love to see a RedSon movie, or something real done like the superman vs apokolyps animated movies, hell injustice would be epic..

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        Haven't seen the latest movie, no. I stopped reading Superman comics around the time of the Death of Superman storyline (with Doomsday, in case there are other Superman deaths I missed). I guess I just think other DC superheroes have a more interesting base to invest time into to develop. Like Batman. Though he's been played out a little too much in movies lately.

        I wouldn't mind seeing a Justice League movie, I just don't care for the idea of a dedicated Wonder Woman or Superman movie at this point. I guess it would be seen as an Avengers knock off at this point though - Marvel are the ones with the film momentum and some pretty good characters and stories.

    It could work if they made it like Thor: A really strongly developed world, especially in regards to costumes, so that it comes off as more real and believable as opposed to cheap and cheesy like Xena.

      The character was good, the effects and world came off half-assed.
      At that time there wasn't money in strong fantasy.

    Forget the story, the issue is bigger than that. Movies where the female is front and centre to the movie don't make money - producers don't like that. No producer is going to fund a multimillion blockbuster because it's Wonder Woman - every superhero female lead movie so far were box office flops. On top of that, most (but not all) female lead action flicks were bad business - the only one I can remember that did well was The Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis. I'm not saying that you can't have female superheroes - all I'm saying is that Hollywood producers don't like betting on movies where the return has proven to be really bad. Just look at the crap coming out of Hollywood - they don't give a shit if the movie sucks as long as the public watch it and it makes them money.

    Don't forget that they recently tried to make a Wonder Woman TV series - the pilot died before it hit the airwaves.

      "Movies where the female is front and centre to the movie don't make money "

      is this an actual thing or is this an Idea weve somehow come to accept? a chicken and egg scenario..take the game "Remeber Me" it didn't fail because the protagonist was female...it failed because it was not promoted and while not awful it wasn't good enough to overcome its mediocrity.... I feel like weve actually regressed in recent years in regards to movies/games

      its basically the smurfette principle...stuff that caters to a "wide audience" like super hero movies still usus a man as the default...women and ONLY the main charachters in genres that target women...making female representation incredibly narrow when it doesn't need to be and when a female protag does come along its more of a big deal than it needs to be

      look at Tomb Raider..that actually did well because people thourght it was a good game AND (in some ways unfortunatly) it had the brand name Tomb Raider, if Tomb Raider can do well then Wonder Woman can do well, because Wonder Woman is a recognizable name and comic book movies are big now...all it needs is to be a good movie...nothing more

    A Wonder Woman movie would require the right female lead, and I don't think there's a mainstream one at the moment. They'd have to go for an unknown.

      Sif from Thor has been inundated with fan requests to do WW. I think she'd be great.

        I second this... x a thousand. Jaimie Alexander is perfect for it, though she has her loyalties with Marvel.
        And she wants a less T&A version of WW.

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        I'd wait to see her in Dark Wolrld first, she didn't really have enough of a role in the first Thor to distinguish herself. But a definite possibility.

    Joss Whedon had most of a script written for a WW movie and then DC pulled the plug. Who could do a better job of a WW movie than Whedon?

      There's much better _superhero_ writers. Avengers was average, Agents of SHIELD is trash.

        I don't get this. You can't even write two sentences correctly, yet you want to tell everyone that Joss Whedon sucks at writing.


          How are either sentences incorrect?

          Don't be a blind Whedon fanboy. I'm a fan of his work (Buffy, Firefly) but my point remains - he just isn't that good at superhero work so far.

    If they do a Wonder Woman movie then there's one thing they must change:

    The Invisible Airplane

    Either remove it entirely or make it an actual stealth magic/technology ship that actually doesn't look bonkers stupid. None of that glass jet with WW totally visible in the cockpit stuff.

      Wonder Woman hasn't had the invisible jet in some time. Currently her run has far more in common with Thor or a modern Clash of the Titans.

    someone on i09 pointed out that the WW logo looks like a spread eagled stripper. lol

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