Everything Wrong With A 10-Minute Movie Inside Grand Theft Auto V

Now playing in Los Santos theatres, The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain is a thrilling (and somewhat NSFW) animated tale of sex, machines and murder. Though the film is only 10 minutes long, Cinema Sins manages to spend two explaining everything it got wrong. Spoilers follow!

As if it weren't cool enough that Grand Theft Auto V features a movie theatre showing short films, now we have a real-world critique of one of those films. I only caught the first minute of The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain before I started feeling awkward sitting next to Trevor in a darkened theatre, so I'm glad someone with a keen critical eye was there to watch a robot give a double hand job.

Everything Wrong With The Loneliest Robot In Great Britain [YouTube]


    I hopped into a theatre and watched that weird surrealist film, that shit was hilarious.

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