Excellent Battlefield 4 Beta Elevator Shoots Players Into The Sky

Battlefield 4 is currently in beta. So is the elevator that shoots players into the sky. Some gamers have been having a lot of fun with it, including this guy who uses it to leap above a sniper and surprise-kill him from behind.

That's the video above, by Stun_gravy. Here's a fun discovery one, via TheFuzzmonkeyDub:

The elevator portal is the result of a collapsed building that's conveniently built with a working elevator. It works so well, in fact, that crashing into the ground still won't defeat it.

Skip to the middle of this video and you'll find that it works with tanks, too (thanks, blackmesatech):

There are obviously a lot of other glitches players have been finding over their time with the beta. If you've got any of your own, feel free to show and discuss them down below.

(via AmazingFilms 247)


    am I the only one who thinks that these glitches and bugs should be left in for multiplayers to make the game more fun and WTF?

    elevators of doom....
    here a thing stand in the elevator and when the door closes and you think someone is coming after ya throw a grenade before you get teleport down

    What I've been doing is with a few mates on top of one of the buildings with an elevator is plant C4 inside on the ceiling of the elevator and wait til they get to the top and detonate.

    Since it's a teleport they can't see the C4 until it's too late.
    Funniest thing to watch when 5 guys are all huddled up in it and one C4 takes out a whole squad haha!

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