Final Fantasy VI Is Coming To iOS And Android, VII Could Follow

Final Fantasy VI Is Coming To iOS and Android, VII Could Follow

Square Enix will be releasing a modified version of the beloved Final Fantasy VI, originally released in North America in 1994 as Final Fantasy III, in coming months for iOS and Android, long-time Square director and producer Takashi Tokita told Kotaku today. The game won't be a straight port.

"It is basically like a remake of the original VI," Tokita said as he proudly revealed his surprise at the end of a presentation about the recent smartphone release of FFV and the upcoming mobile release of FFIV: The After Years. "But there have been some enhancements."

"The battle systems have been altered for the other [mobile remakes] for Final Fantasy and VI will be the same. For instance grinding was an issue and people had to spend a lot of time levelling up. Now on the mobile devices the battle systems have been adjusted so you don't have to fight as much and can enjoy the game for what it is."

The graphics, he said, will be refined for mobile phones. They'll still be 2D but sharpened, a la the recent mobile release of V.

The next release in the Legacy series will be a mobile port of Final Fantasy: The After Years, which was originally released on phones in Japan and as a downloadable game for the Wii in the US. The mobile release is a 3D remake of the original release.

The Legacy series won't necessarily end with VI, Tokita said, when we asked him if it could include VII, VIII, IX, X and beyond. "We are aware that we have tons of VII fans," he noted. "We have VII fans in our own company. If this Legacy project works out well, we would like to one day be able to work with VII."


    Awesome. I never played VI and it's one of those games I always wish I did. So this is good news! VII I sort of hope it doesn't so I don't have yet another copy of it. :P

    But grinding in VI never took all that long... That concerns me slightly. Am I going to be overleveled whether I want to be or not? Also, is it original VI or the GBA version which had extra weapons/dungeons/ect, as well as a changed script from Woolsey's original?

      Yeah, I got through most of the game without grinding at all though, so I'm also worried.

    who needs a VII port when they've just ported the best final fantasy game ever?

      Share the love, brutha! A VII remake fixing some of the age-related issues (camera, mini-games, graphics) would be amazing

    I'm still hesitant on forking out $15 per game to be played on a smartphone when the ports of GTA III & VC, while playable, didn't exactly translate well onto a touchscreen environment.

    Can anyone advise if these ports are worth it in any way or should I stick with the PSone version that was released way back?

      Ports of the FF games have worked and played well. And these usually get a visual touch up as well so certainly worth checking out.

        Yeah I own FFIV on my XPERIA SP and it plays flawlessly, they have reskinned the whole UI to make it completely user-friendly touch based (like large squarish buttons).

    "They’ll still be 2D but sharpened, a la the recent mobile release of V."

    Why can't they just leave it in it's pixel-perfect form.

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