First Look At Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Next year, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will hit the PlayStation 3. Here's your first peek.

The new remix includes Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, which was previously a PS2 Japan exclusive, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, which was previously on the PSP and also a Japan exclusive, and HD remastered cinematics for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will be launched globally in 2014 as a PS3 exclusive.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Coming to PS3 in 2014 [PlayStation Blog]

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    Very happy about this! And excited to finally play Birth By Sleep as I never had a PSP.

    Guess I should get the first release too now that we can get almost the whole series on PS3

    Saw this a bit earlier. So damn happy

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    oh man, clocked up over 200 hours completing everything 100% in the BBS Final Mix version earlier this year, such a great game, and I'll play it again.

    Looking very much forward to this release.!

    Man KH3 is going to be absolutely massive, with Disney acquiring Star Wars and Square getting Eidos, holy shit so many properties to milk-I mean tap into.

    Seriously tho Square, get Simon Templeman and Michael Bell and do a Legacy of Kain world, show me some love.

    I'll take anything at this point that isn't that abomination Nosgoth.

    Christ almighty; can they just get KH3 done before churning out another remake/upgraded version... I feel like I have been waiting forever to play the next numbered game!

      It's a different team working on the ReMIX versions, so it's not affecting the speed in which we'll get KH3. Plus, this gives people who haven't had the opportunity to play the majority of the series beforehand a chance to do so (and allows them to be up to date with the small story changes that the Final Mix games generally introduced).

        Yeah I get that; and understand the logic of the remix packages; just wish KH3 would hurry up and get here; feels like it been a long time coming

          Oh yeah, I definitely agree with you. When you've had more spin-off games than main ones, you're doing something wrong.

    really, the cinematics of Re:Coded?

    they should have done the cinematics for Dream Drop DIstance, because if they want people to be up to speed for when 3 comes out, they need to understand the story of dream drop distance...

      I imagine that's because its on a current gen console (3DS), if it had been a PSP or PS2 release I'm sure it would be in there.

        now that i think about it, DDD runs on the same engine as BBS, so maybe they could do a full game HD port of DDD if they wanted to as well

          Well yea DDD was developed as a main entry almost, and targeted for an actual console as opposed to a mobile device and then shoehorned onto the NDS with meh gameplay like Re:Coded and to a lesser degree 358/2 Days (still had meh gameplay).

          Besides obviously getting the games running on the PS3, these HD rereleases are more or less internal res bumps with 2D objects being redone, seriously load KH1/2 up in PCSX2 with superscaling on, besides fuzzy text it looks amazing (Not much different from these HD releases imo) and holds up incredibly well. The same can be done with PSP games using PPSSPP (Crisis Core looks insanely good).

          Try the same with one of the entries on the DS, now you can see why they only included the prerendered movies lol.

          I personally don't think a PS3 port of DDD is going to happen. If it was it would be in the 2.5 Remix, a Vita port down the line is more likely I think, either that or a intro recap in KH3.

        Completely agree. Remastering the cinematics from Dream Drop Distance could've taken away sales of the game from people wanting to come up to speed either before or after the release of KH3. It incentivises player's to buy more of the games.

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