This GTA V Bootleg Has Everything On Its Cover

Found by Redditor Hulk_Pants in Egypt, this GTA V bootleg has everything on its cover (even Patrick Brown's art and the helicopter on the top left side!). According to him, it is GTA: San Andreas for the Playstation 2, with modded Trevor, Franklin and Michael skins. That's just too much effort for a bad knockoff!

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    Seems legit, there is a helicopter in the top left

    But it doesnt say GTA V on the cover at all.....

    Gta 5 out on's got to hurt being a PC only gamer nowadays.

      Back when GTA:SA was released, I had a customer file a complaint with management because I wouldn't sell them the game on PS1.....

      I was such an arsehole back then.....

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