Games This Fast Don't Need The Ground

CloudBuilt is the kind of game that's hard to nail down. Which is why its creator has it listed on Steam under "Action", "Racing", "Shooter" and "Platformer".

The video above will give you a better idea. As someone who enjoyed Gravity Rush but thought it was a bit plodding, this looks great!

CloudBuilt [Steam Greenlight, via Pixel Prospector]


    Looks very cool. Just put it under 3d Platformer and there ya go.

    Colour me intrigued. I'll definitely have to keep an eye on this one. Kinda feels like Mirror's Edge and Jumping Flash had a baby.

    The animations look like they could use some polish, but that's not surprising in an early trailer. The overall art-style of the game is gorgeous though. Kinda reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles.

    "As you learn to master these mechanics"


    Some good old fashioned skill, wit and mastery based gaming. This is the next gen Megaman.

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